Real People Ratings is an on-going customer perception study that is being conducted by Corporate Research International. These surveys seek to understand overall consumer perception of many industries and the major companies competing in those industries. Our surveys also attempt to mine out specific consumer expectations of service providers in these various industries.

Consumer Perception Data(By Industry)


Athletic Stores


Convenience Stores

Discount Stores

Department Stores


Electronics Stores

Fast Food Restaurants

Home Improvement

Pizza Restaurants


Shoe Stores



Office Supply

Consumer Behavior Surveys

The following are targeted surveys specially designed to elicit the patterns and perceptions of the consumer as they relate to the topics listed below. The data has been collected from a diverse array of over 30,000 respondents' surveys since 2005.


Charitable Giving

Back To School

Memorial Day

Pharmacist Survey

Halloween Survey

New Years Resolution Survey

  • "The Halloween Survey" is targeted at understanding how consumers make purchase decisions on this Holiday.
  • "The Healthcare Survey" explores the shopping and purchasing behaviors of consumers when choosing a pharmacy, buying over the counter medications and filling prescriptions.
  • "The Charitable Contribution Survey" is intended to determine the frequency, variety and magnitude of consumer charitable giving.
  • "The Back-to-School Survey" is conducted to answer the 'Who, When, Where, Why and How much' of consumer behavior while shopping for school children.
  • "The Memorial Day Survey" is targeted at understanding how consumers make purchase decisions both during holiday travel as well as when preparing to celebrate at home.
  • "The Pharmacist Survey" is four separate surveys intended to show manufacturers how and why pharmacists recommend products. The products that were researched were: Glucosamine/Chondroitin, Echinacea, Vitamin E, & Multi-Vitamins.
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